Marijuana Myths

Marijuana, Myths and Facts

A drug, Marijuana, prepared for human consumption in herbal form is also called Cannabis, one among several names. Everyone should be aware of the fact that using Marijuana is actually Drug abuse. People call Marijuana safer to use than other drugs and try to cover it up; however, real psychological and physical damage occurs. The fact is that Marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug, which can lead to addiction and abuse.

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Emotional and mental addiction caused by Marijuana. The mind becomes obsessed with Marijuana and you begin to be attracted to friends and like-minded people. Once the addiction is completely exploded, the person can only function under Marijuana High. Their misconception that marijuana is what they need to solve their problems leads to continued abuse. Being without their stash and constantly worrying about the next hit is hated by addicts. In short, you live, breathe and dream of Marijuana. Some of the classic symptoms are:

– Marijuana Tolerance: the need for higher amounts of marijuana to achieve poisoning or greatly reduced effects with continuous use of the same amount of Marijuana.
– More marijuana use than intended: Cannabis taken in larger quantities or for a longer period of time than intended.
– To reduce or control marijuana use, there have been unsuccessful attempts.
– To use marijuana a lot of time spent.
– Marijuana use leads to a reduction in social, occupational or recreational activities.
– Significant problems will arise due to continued marijuana use despite knowing it.

Cannabis and Addiction-Myths and Facts

There are several myths surrounding the use of Marijuana; however you should keep in mind that interpretations vary – so readers are encouraged to keep an open mind. For starters, CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is non-intoxicating.

Causes of Permanent Mental Illness During drunkenness, marijuana users become irrational and often behave erratically.

Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that marijuana causes psychological harm or mental illness, psychological distress such as feelings of panic, anxiety, and paranoia are caused after marijuana consumption.

Marijuana is highly addictive. To break addiction long-term users experience physical dependence and withdrawal often require professional drug treatment.

This is not for those who smoke Marijuana occasionally and in very small amounts but for those who are long -term users.

Become stronger than in the past. The youth of today are using drugs that are far more dangerous than their peers in the past.

This is a very debatable point as common sense tells us it must be true considering humans are always trying to fix things so why not Marijuana.

Cannabis offenses are not severely punished. Some marijuana addicts are arrested or sent to prison – this encourages continued use of the drug.

Statistics show this is far from the truth – arrests have more than doubled and are on the rise. They were arrested, tried, and imprisoned and made no mistake about it. Laws in every country in the world want to see an end to drug laws – be it Marijuana or any other drug.

Causes more damage to the lungs than tobacco. There is an increased risk of developing lung cancer and related diseases with marijuana smoking.

The belief that moderate marijuana smoking poses minimal harm to the lungs has been debated. There is no small airway obstruction exhibited by heavy marijuana smokers, unlike heavy tobacco smokers. It doesn’t matter what you smoke it has several effects so be wise.